Vitamin C with Rosehip and Citrus Bioflavonoids
Vitamin C with Rosehip and Citrus Bioflavonoids

Vitamin C with Rosehip & Citrus Bioflavonoids

Vitamin C with Rosehip & Citrus Bioflavonoids is the perfect vitamin supplement to strengthen the immune system at any time of the year. It contains Rosehip & Citrus Bioflavonoids to enhance the product’s quality and make it even more beneficial.


Vitamin C with Rosehip & Citrus Bioflavonoids Overview

Vitamin C supplements from Simply Supplements include added rosehip and citrus bioflavonoids. This is a great and simple way to promote healthy joints and skin using natural ingredients.



Vitamin C with Rosehip & Citrus Bioflavonoids offers a potent blend of antioxidants and health-boosting compounds.

Vitamin C, essential for collagen production, aids in maintaining skin elasticity, supporting immune function, and facilitating iron absorption.

Rosehip is rich in both Vitamin C and other natural compounds that can support joint health and skin hydration.

Citrus Bioflavonoids enhance the absorption and therapeutic action of Vitamin C, providing anti-inflammatory and circulatory benefits.

For vegetarians, this combination is particularly advantageous as their diet may lack certain nutrients found in meat-based diets. Ensuring a well-rounded intake of these beneficial compounds can help vegetarians optimize their skin, immune, and overall health.

Should you take Vitamin C with Rosehip & Citrus Bioflavonoids?

That's a very good question, and it's easy to find out. At Vegetarian Protein, we believe you need to consume this product if you want:

-To normalize and optimize your immune system

-To reduce fatigue and chronic tiredness

-To normalize the functioning of your metabolism

-To contribute to the normal functioning of the mind

Benefits of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. It is often believed that its benefits are only related to the immune system, but in reality, that's not the case. It is an essential element in any diet, not just in vegetarian diets, due to its remarkable antioxidant capabilities. This means it protects cells from oxidative damage.

Additionally, it also promotes the production of collagen, crucial for the good health of gums, cartilage, and joints.

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Suggested Use

Take capsules daily, as per the instructions on the bottle.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional Information

Serving Size: 1 Tablet                               Servings per Container: 180
 Per Serving% NRV
Vitamin C1000mg1250%
Rosehip Extract (Rosa canina) (Fruit)
(from 20mg of 20:1 extract)
Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex
(Citrus Aurantinum) (Fruit)
Standardised to contain Bioflavonoids




 NRV = Nutrient Reference Value (previously referred to as RDA)
 µg = Microgramme, mg = Milligram, IU = International Units

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