Whey protein extreme 360 - Vegetarian
Whey protein extreme 360 - Vegetarian

Whey Protein 360 Extreme


Whey Protein 360 Extreme Overview

Whey Protein 360 Extreme is a whey protein product made by The Protein Works. It delivers an amazing 26g of protein per 25g serving. It comes in a range of amazing flavours, including Bannoffee Deluxe and Blueberry Cheesecake Riot.


Whey protein powder is a potent source of high-quality protein that offers numerous health and nutritional benefits. Renowned for its rapid absorption and rich essential amino acid profile, whey protein is especially beneficial for muscle repair, growth, and maintenance. Beyond muscle support, whey protein has been shown to enhance immune system functionality, aid in weight management by promoting satiety, and provide antioxidant properties that combat oxidative stress. Its high digestibility ensures that the body can efficiently utilize its nutrients, making it an excellent supplement for anyone seeking overall health and wellness benefits.

Suggested Use

Mix one scoop of the powder with water, milk, or a plant-based milk, usually either before or after a workout session to aid in muscle recovery and growth. It can also be consumed at any time of the day to meet your daily protein requirements. Other options are to incorporate into recipes like smoothies and porridge to boost protein content.

Nutritional Information

Nutritional AspectQuantity Per 100gQuantity Per 35g Serve% Reference Intake Per 25g Serve
Caloric Energy1567 kJ / 377 kcal548 kJ / 132 kcal4.75%
Fat Total2.8 g1 gNot provided
Saturated Fat1.9 g0.7 g5%
Carbohydrates Total14 g4.9 g1%
Sugars8.7 g3 g2.3%
Dietary Fiber0.6 g0.2 g2.9%
Protein74 g26 g39%
Sodium Content1.16 g0.41 g3%
Calcium343 µg120 µg15%
Vitamin C34 µg12 µg15%
Pantothenic Acid2.6 µg0.9 µg15%
Vitamin B60.6 µg0.2 µg15%
Folic Acid86 µg30 µg15%
Vitamin B121.1 µg0.4 µg15%

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