Crispy vegetarian protein bar
Crispy vegetarian protein bar

Crispy Protein Bar

Are you looking for a tasty and nutrient-packed Crispy Protein Bar? Then this one is perfect. Made with soy protein and only 186 calories per bar, it’s ideal for a low-calorie and vegetarian diet.


Crispy Protein Bar Overview

Crispy Protein Bars by XXL Nutrition are low calorie, high-protein snacks. The roasted rice puff approach means these are only 186 calories per bar, yet delivering 20g of protein. Soya protein based, so also suitable for vegans.


Protein bars offer numerous health and nutrition benefits, primarily attributed to their protein content. Adequate protein intake is vital for muscle repair, growth, and overall body function. When consumed as part of a balanced diet, protein bars can aid muscle recovery post-exercise and help maintain lean muscle mass.

Plus: This protein bar doesn't melt! You can confidently carry it in your car's glove compartment or in your workout backpack when you're outdoors. Available in vanilla, apple, and cinnamon flavors.

Protein for the Vegetarian Diet

While more people are adopting a vegetarian diet, many still struggle to meet their protein needs. Experts recommend consuming 20g of protein per serving, a target that is often challenging to achieve with meat-free meals. This is where protein bars come into play, ensuring that this nutritional requirement is met.

From Vegetarian Protein, we recommend our article "Unlock Plant Power: Essential Vitamins for Vegetarians" if you are vegetarian and want to ensure your nutritional needs are met.


Suggested Use

Protein bars are primarily intended to supplement a regular balanced diet, offering a convenient and portable source of protein. They are especially useful for individuals who require an immediate protein intake post-workout.
Additionally, they can serve as a healthy, portable snack option for managing hunger between meals, thus aiding in maintaining balanced energy levels and preventing overeating during subsequent meals.

Nutritional Information

ComponentQuantity per 45g BarQuantity per 100g
Energy Content761.67 kJ / 182.04 kcal1692.60 kJ / 404.54 kcal
Fat Content6.48 g14.40 g
of which Saturated Fats3.15 g7 g
Carbohydrate Content7.52 g16.70 g
of which Sugars2.21 g4.90 g
Fiber Content5.54 g12.30 g
Protein Content20.25 g45 g
Salt Content0.96 g2.14 g

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